Archives of the old updates of the framework.

  • 04 March 2004: With the comments of Dave Winter, I have corrected the examlpe in the HTML doc, should be Ok now (except maybe a \312 character used for tabbing...). Documentation should be updated to 2.2.3 by now.
  • 01 March 2004: Released version 2.2.3, correcting the InfoPlist.strings bug (in source distribution), and putting all version parameters to 2.2.3 (some were at 2.2.2, other still at 2.2.1). Source and binaries should work kind of Ok now.
  • 29 February 2004: Released version 2.2.2, correcting a few bugs, unfortunately this version was not properly done in terms of framework version, class version string... So I had to make a 2.2.3 release soon after. Since today, you can donate to the project, enabling me to get a MySQL licence (so that I can provide a non GPL licence for the framework, and get another hosting for this site). If you want to donate, see link here.
  • 30 August 2003: Added some comments and a last section (reloading data from the mysqldump file) to the instructions on how to install MySQL from sources. The file released has been updated to this new documentation as well.
  • 27 August 2003: Added a documentation on how to build MySQL from sources. You will find a link to these inscription in the Documentation section. Following these instructions you should be able to build MySQL server and client sides, with prebound dynamic libraries (as well as static libraries), openssl support for both server and client... and finally getting the libmysqld.a library which is basically a embedded MySQL server running in its own thread, so your program can contains its own server (not yet supported by SMySQL framework... but might come some time soon).
  • 25 August 2003: Today I finally had the time to update the web site. The information you find here should now be up to date (especially the Files, Documentation were completely outdated – I had no time to update them since I first wrote them in January 2002 –).
  • 20 August 2003: Releases the version 2.2.1 of the framework: minor bug correction. The previous versions of the framework were not able to handle properly the integer with more than 32bits (MySQL BIGINT). This is now corrected (indeed the other branches of the framework are also corrected in CVS, so if you are still using the version 1, I encourage you to get the fix from CVS). Unfortunately I have not found a solution to know from the MySQL server if a retrieved integer is signed or not, hence the framework assumes always signed int: this can cause a trouble if you have a unsigned column (either for BIGINT or INT) and you are using number bigger than the maximum SIGNED number. Thanks to Lorenz Textor for pointing the bug to me.
  • 18 August 2003: Released the version 2.2.0 of the framework. The API is kept unchanged, the main difference is in the project organisation (in Project Builder). I also have tried to make the aim of each target more clear, and cleaned up the build-styles, in that respect I have defined 3 different names for each of the flavours (corresponding to 3 different targets) of the framework (which BTW have also changed):
    1. SMySQL : A system-wide framework, using the dynamic version of libmysqlclient.
    2. SMySQL_static : A system-wide framework, using the static version of libmysqlclient.
    3. SMySQL_bundled : A bundled framework (for bundling within Cocoa application), using the static version of libmysqlclient.
    Also modified the way the libmysqlclient static library is used, now a binary version of the library is distributed with the sources of the framework (the sources of the libmysqlclient used to be included in the project and compiled when building the framework). This way makes it easier if someone prefers to use it's own version of the libmysqlcleint library.
  • 24 December 2002: Posted the file releases for the version 2.0 of the framework. This correspond to both a source and a binary release. This version of the framework has a new API:
    • The class prefix is changed to be MCP (for MySQL Cocoa Project), from the "longer" SMySQL (though the framework has not changed name, neither the main header SMySQl/SMySQL.h)
    • I have added some categories on MCPConnection and MCPResult to implement shortcuts to obtains fast some result (for exemple a column of a table, or just the first element --Row 0, Colulmn 0--...)
    • Also added a category on NSObject to provide a single method to check if an object is a instance of NSNull (used whenever a field is set to NULL in a retrieved table).
    I also have discontinued the distribution of MySQL Display application, mainly because their is a much better developed free software doing the same thing AND using the SMySQL framework CocoaMySQL. At some point I'll try to implement a simple example application with a GUI, for easing the use of the framework.
  • 15 May 2002: Important changes to the framework: The two connect (connectToHost:.. connectToSocket:..) method have been replaced by a single method (connectWithLogin:password:host:port:socket:). In the mean time the syntax of the list methods (listDBs ...) have been changed to look more like the SQL SHOW statments. Some shortcuts to such methods have been added. Any one using the framework should port to the new version, the interface will be kept until version 1.0 (with maybe adding method, but no removing nor renaming). This version is available on CVS and File Release. At last a new binary of MySQL Display contain the last version of the framework.
  • 7 May 2002: Cleaned up the methods from May 3rd, (databases, tables, fields list). Finished the proper encoding of the character sets (should run Ok with latin1, latin2, win1250, cp1251, euc_kr, sjis). Added methods to check the version of the protocole, the client library, the server, and to get info on the database server the host. The framework has been promoted to version 0.6.0. It's under CVS, but also on the File Release.
  • 3 May 2002: After suggestion from Bertrand Mansion I added a couple of method to get databases, tables, and fields (of a table) list. They works they way they should from the C API recommandation (specific function for DBs, and tables, standard query for fields). I also started to enhance the handling of the charset encoding (suggestion by John Guy). This feature is not yet fully implemented. The new version (0.5.4) is only available through CVS so far (see information from the sourceforge project page).
  • 14 March 2002: A new target for SMySQL framework exists. It gives you access to a all in one version of the framework: libmysqlclient is statically linked inside the framework... No more need for a root user to install the mysqlclient library. The version of libmysqlclient is 3.23.49 (the lataest stable version). As a test I have linked MySQL Display to this version of the framework, and it works perfectly (Download).
  • 13 March 2002: There was a error in the How To Build MySQL file. This error is corrected (I forgot one command line to copy the /usr/share/libtool/ltconfig to ltconfig in th esource directory, before applying the patch). Now the instruction should run Ok. Some improovement can still be done in the patch: adding a proper prebinding adress, proper version... Still to be done. -Thanks to Camille for pointing the problem to me-
  • 28 February 2002: The framework is now ready to be embeded in the application(s) using it,I still have a problem for statically linking the libmysqlclient, so use of SMySQL framework still needs the installation of libmysqlclient.dylib (which is done by MySQL_Cocoa_installers_0.5.2.dmg.gz). Now the MySQL Display should run.
  • 22 January 2002: Few correction to the framework (v 0.5.1 now). I finally managed to create packages, so the AutoStart package finally works. There is also a new package installer : Install MySQL Client. This will install the client side of MySQL, the minimum required to run a C (or Objective-C !!!) client on your Mac OS X system. At last (but not least), I have written a new application using the framework to display queries in a GUI MySQL Display. Even if it is still very basic this is (as far as I know) the first free GUI for MySQL on Mac OS X. I'm sure you'll want some modification for this GUI, send your whishes on the users mailing list.
  • 3 January 2002: First release is done, still have to put this web site in place. This is an alpha release, I've not been throught extensiv testing of the API. It works Ok for the couple of test application I've done. Indeed I'm looking forward for feed back from users. For the moment the AutoStart package, which starts automatically MySQL at machine booting is not ready due to some problems I have with package maker...
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