Where to download the files related to this project.

Binary files

  • MCPKit_bin_3.0.1.dmg, MD5 : 6a863cd7619eaa798655a5c9c57bf6f7.
    The binaries of the MCPKit frameworks (version 3.0.0).
  • MCPModeler_bin_3.0.0.dmg, MD5 : 48539782e871c965cc0e5d353964b060.
    The binaries of the MCPModeler application (version 3.0.0).
  • SMySQL_bin_2.3.1.dmg, MD5 : fb3e5d8fd2dfd4d44b44a0af4d6c1ce1.
    (Deprecated) The binaries of the SMySQL frameworks (version 2.3.1).
  • Disk image, MD5 : ea4afc9a6a798776fb2d012de2fbd979.
    (Deprecated) The MySQL Display application (alone and independent of any library).

Note: The MySQL Display application is not developed anymore, the source is still available as a small examples of the concept (it uses the API of version 1, whilst naming conventions changed in version 2). The binary is available to see how it performs without having to take care of the "obsolete" version 1 of the framework.

External documentation

Mac OS X 10.4 or higher sources, version 3.0.0

Mac OS X 10.1 or higher sources, version 2.3.1

Obsolete sources (for "educational" reasons)

Note: SMySQL test application does not exists anymore, now a small application is coming with the frameworks (CLI_Test)

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